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Wonder Wednesday – Surprisingly Affordable Local Resort

Posted on: August 10, 2011

It’s Hump day! And here is Wednesday’s theme:

Wonder Wednesdays -Wednesday is hump day so to help you get over the hump I am providing fun facts, information, and trivia that you may have wondered about.  I hope these posts will help stimulate your mind, teach you something new, and hopefully put a smile on your face.

Wonder Wednesday: Surprisingly Affordable Local Resort

Recently hubby and I discovered a surprisingly affordable resort in our own backyard that is the perfect spot for a Orange County local staycation. Pelican Hill Resort.

I know most of us locals have heard about Pelican Hill Resort and what we have heard is how expensive it is, right? But I am here to tell you that it’s prices are not as out of reach as you may think. Hubby and I were taken on a tour of the resort and informed about the many affordable resort amenities locals need to take advantage of.

But before we get into the amenities, let’s talk about how beautiful the resort is. Perched up on the hills of Newport Coast there are ocean views in almost every direction. Just look below. Amazing. Not a bad way to start off the day.

Now imagine you and your family or just you are your love enjoying this view with a yummy bowl of authentic gelato. Sounds pretty good right? The first affordable local amenity that is a must do here at Pelican Hill is to try their gelato bar in the Cafe. Flavors ranging from cinnamon, the strawberry, to cookies and cream. Almost any flavor you can think of and they are all amazing. More importunely the prices were great. Only $3-5 plus the free view of course. Hubby and I could have just ended the tour here and kept tasting into the wee hours.

Oh, wait I am going backwards. Before you have dessert you need to have dinner, right? The featured restaurant at the resort is called Andrea, which is beautiful and luxurious and yet at the same time intimate and casual. It serves rustic Italian cuisines and is made with local ingredients from the Irvine Ranch farm. For two people to have a meal here it would be pretty pricey. At least from a budget minded woman like myself. Hubby and I would categorize it as a VERY special occasion type of restaurant. Now, here’s the second affordable local amenity: Andrea has just introduced a petite size menu that is served in the Great Hall of the resort. You can enjoy the same delicious meals from the restaurant in a smaller size and for a great price. There is live entertainment in the Great Hall every weekend evening as well. See below…doesn’t that look yummy!

It’s a win for the pocket book, a win for a date night out, and a win for great music and a fun atmosphere.

But wait, I went backwards again. Before you have gelato, and before you have dinner, you need to relax. This is a staycation after all. The third and fourth affordable local amenity at the Pelican Hill Resort is at their Spa. For the ladies a fifty minute Amber Gold Signature Massage or Classic Cleansing Facial starts at $95. That’s it! Priced affordable and competitive with most other local massage spas. Plus you get all the Spa perks like the whirlpool, sauna, and herbal steam room….ladies are you feeling relaxed already? I am!

And for the men is the Barber Chair Experience. Complete old school vision with a luxurious twist. While getting a hair cut, hot lather, straight razor shave, or facial grooming hubby can plug in his iPod and listen to music or he could watch the game on the flat screen TV. It’s man heaven!

So there you have it. Four awesome affordable amenities at Pelican Hill Resort for us Orange County locals. Plan your next staycation around these and you are sure to have a relaxing time. Oh but make sure to do them in the right order!

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Good topic. It is amazing what is available in our own back yard.

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