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Touching Tuesday – Three Moments in One Minute

Posted on: August 9, 2011

Today is Tuesday (in case you forgot) and today’s theme is:

Touching Tuesdays -Tuesdays will be focused on the heart.  My heart, your heart, and God’s heart. Touching stories from every topic that touches my heart and I hope touches yours.

Touching Tuesday: Three Moments in One Minute

I had to go to the bathroom really bad.  I had been holding it since the worship part of church service started, so for the last twenty minutes.  I was going to explode.  But I knew I had to get him first.  My baby doesn’t do well in the nursery and about ten minutes before service ends he starts to melt down.  It’s good for him to be in the nursery, I tell myself every Sunday. He needs to become more confident being away from me and learning to trust other adults.  The childcare workers are so wonderful, so loving.  I know he is perfectly safe and being well taken care of.  It’s good for him.  And yet I hold my pee just a few minutes longer so he doesn’t have to wait any longer.

I give the childcare work his claim card and sign him out.  She glances at the card and my name and carefully turns the corner to find my baby.  Of course oblivious to my currently uncomfortable situation.  She stopped to talk to another worker about refilling the diapers when I take my opportunity to peak around the corner and into the nursery.

He is sitting on the other side of the room on the grayish blue carpet inspecting  a Tickle Me Elmo doll.  The standing bright red Elmo doll is almost taller than him. He is mesmerized with Elmo’s slightly opened mouth and is repeating shoving his hand inside it.  As I watch him repeatedly shove his hand into Elmo’s slightly opened moth, I pass the childcare worker and step over the three foot baby gate.   I just place my alternate foot on the carpet when he sees me.  That is the first moment.

Not just his eyes but his whole face lights up.  His face instantly starts glowing as his mouth turn into the sweetest, biggest, brightest toothy smile.  He places his hands on the floor in front of him and begins to push himself up from a tripod position.  Rising booty first, his head crashes into Elmo and knocks Elmo flat on his back.  He pushes all the way up and is fairly balanced on two feet. And then with the same shinning eyes and the same sweetest, biggest, brightest toothy smile he put one little baby foot in front of the other towards me.  He is not walking, he is running.  He is running in a waddling, tipsy way that seems like at any moment he will tumble.  His left arm is flapping like a bird’s wing trying to take off in flight, while is right arm stays in a perfect ninety degree angle to help keep his balance.

He is only thirty one inches tall but I open my arms the whole five feet nine inches.  As he reaches me, he opens his arms his whole thirty one inches and reaches up.  I bend down and scoop him up in one fluid motion and feel the misting start to well up in my eyes.  That is the second moment.

He instantly embraces me, arms around my neck, and I am once again amazed how strong a grip my little baby has.  I lean back looking him face to face and he lunges forward, lips puckered, and plants a huge baby kiss on me. That is the third moment.

Three moments in one minute that break my heart, take my breath away, and are forever engraved on my soul.  Three moments in one minute tell the story of the love between a child and mother. Three moments in one minute makes everything else fade away and make life worth living and worth living to the fullest.

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That is so beautiful

Made me cry!!!

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