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Money Monday: Where is your treasure?

Posted on: August 8, 2011

So I am changing things up on my blog.  Yes I realize I have only been blogging for a couple of weeks but sometimes change comes more quickly than you anticipate.  The reason for the change is because I want to be more focused in my writing and more helpful to you, my readers.  I am writing for you.

The new method to my blogging madness is going to be directed on daily topics which I believe will be important and helpful to your life, mind, heart, and soul. Wow that was deep!

Each day this week there will be an explanation of that day’s theme.  If you want to see a complete list of all the daily themes click here

Money Mondays -Mondays will be about money. After the weekend I used to kick myself for how much money we spent.  On Monday my checkbook always felt significantly lighter. That is until I started following a budget, implemented the envelope system, and making and keeping  savings and financial goals.  I will be talking about the money subject from a Godly perspective, giving tips on how to manage your money better, how to save, how to invest, etc.  Most of the information I will be providing comes from people smarter than me, like Dave Ramsey, Suze Orman, or my mom.  Nothing is original, except for my personal experiences.  I am just passing on information to hopefully help your checkbook like it’s helped mine.

So without further-a-due Money Monday: Where is your treasure?

I am focusing Mondays on the topic of money because it is an integral part of everyone’s daily life.  Whether you have a lot of it or desperately need more, money is thought about and discussed dozens of times a day.  How you handle your money says a lot about you, your priorities, and your heart.  The bible says “Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also” (Matthew 6:21).  Your heart and your money are directly connected.  This means whatever is most important to you is where your heart and where you spend your money.  Makes sense right?  Do you know what is most important to you?  No, well just glance at your checkbook or bank statements.  When hubby and I first started investigating where our money was going we discovered it was going to food, of all things.  We aren’t music people, we only go to the occasional movie, and we aren’t into clothes.  But what we do love is food.  I guess you could call us foodies.  Every special occasion or every day ending in Y was based around food.   That is our treasure and sure enough that is where we spent the majority of our money.

Besides weekly grocery shopping we were going to the store at least two to three additional times a week.  How much food do we need for heaven’s sake?! We were also spending it on going out to eat.  Some of you know what I am talking about.  Food is so good, especially when I don’t have to make it.  Can I get an amen?

So here’s your first assignment.  (Oh, I forgot to mention you will have occasional homework assignments  and you better do them because they count for 90% of your grade.  The other 10% is how much you comment on each post!) Your assignment is to find out where your money is going.  Where is your treasure?  And ask yourself if that is really what you want your treasure to be.  If it’s not, the great news is that you can change it.  You can change what you do with your money.  You can change what your treasure is.  You just have to draw a line in the sand and commit to making the change.  Food is not what hubby and I wanted our treasure to be and we have taken some drastic steps in changing that.  (Which I will talk about later.)

If you are brave, leave a comment and let me know what you discovered about where you spend your money and what you treasure most.  Also let me know if you are happy with what your treasure turned out to be.  Were you surprised or did you already know?

Can’t wait to hear from you!

5 Responses to "Money Monday: Where is your treasure?"

Total foodies over here. My fridge and pantry are stocked and then my bank account is not. I know WHY I do it: it’s my way of trying to secure my children, of trying to control what is uncontrollable, of giving them five kinds of cheeses because sometimes I am powerless to give them other things (like a cure for autism, or a fancy new house). Yes, you can get an Amen from me. Also, six different types of lettuce if you so desire. *sigh*

Oh man do I hear you Jo. We can control what goes into our stomach in hopes that will make up for the other things we can’t control. Hubby is also a nervous, stressed out eater so that really doesn’t help us! Oh the battles! Thanks for the comment!!

I think about this alot and ask God all the time for help in cutting costs. The enemy likes to make me feel guilty in this area. We love with a passion to eat healthy and it is definately not cheap. I wonder gosh are my essentials too much for us or are we doing our best to live a natural and organic lifestyle so we can honor God with the temple he gave us. Yes we do eat snacks more than we need and i find we tend to justify this and it could be avoided or at least saved for special times. As long as we arent making it our God i believe God wants us to eat right and he knows it isnt cheap these days and he can give us wisdom in how to save and make it last but we need to listen right? Sometimes our stomachs speak louder than God speaks or maybe all the time haha. Great article. I find myself contemplating well if i want to live cheaply i could buy all the processed, packaged unnatural foods and definately not have a high grocery bill but then we would be paying for it in the end with high healthcare bills and possibly shorten our life span and cutting off our time to live out the call God has for us. Im learning to be sooo thankful for the $ he does provide so we can eat these amazing nutritious foods that make me feel healthy, energetic and whole day in and day out which pays dividends. It is so worth it from my perspective to eat right and if it costs well then its a sacrafice in many ways as long as we arent making food our idol and thinking about food food food all the time and cant stop eating then we are doing much better than the majority of the usa. Anyways i could go on forever we are all about nutrition over here. Thanks for this article.

Thanks so much for the thoughtful comment Erinn! It is a battle between the wallet and eating good food -especially healthy food. Food is so expensive and seems to be only going up in price. I will be sharing next week what hubby and I are doing to cut down on the costs. make sure to share any tips you have learned along the way too!! Thanks again!-Jami

Not everything has to be organic to be good to eat. I believe the top three foods to avoid, unless organic, are apples, peaches, and celery. But also to help with the budget, don’t throw things away just because they are torn or broken. Fix it, paint it, mend it, and guess what – it will last another year or two. Great topics

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