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Mother of Boys

Posted on: August 2, 2011

I am the mother of boys. Two beautiful, amazing, fun, energetic boys. My little man is three years old and my baby man is a little over one year old.

Before we started trying for babies both hubby and I wanted two kids. A boy and a girl. As most parents do I would think. One of each. This is also the family dynamic we both grew up in. I have an older brother and hubby has a younger sister. So we told God we wanted a boy and a girl and in that order please. When I first got pregnant with little man we were ecstatic and thought our prayers had been answered for our gender preferences and order. Until the ultrasound day for baby number two.

Leading up to the ultrasound I had become increasingly nervous that we were having another boy. “No” hubby would say, “it would make no sense for us to have another boy. We both come from boy girl families”.  But laying on the table as the tech moved the magic wand around the very cold gel on my growing belly I knew. I knew before she said it. I knew like only a mother knows about her children. It was a boy. And a second later I saw him. Yep we saw him in all his glory. Legs spread wild apart to make sure there was no doubt in anyone’s mind. He was a boy.

At first hubby and I just started laughing. What else could we do. This was so unexpected. Everyone in our family came from a boy girl family. The laughing continued throughout the day, until that night. As I lay in bed I started to cry. I cried because I wasn’t having a girl. I wasn’t having a red-headed girl who looked exactly like me just as I look exactly like my mom. And if I am going to be honest, I didn’t just cry that night. I cried for a few weeks. How could God give me another boy? This didn’t make any sense.

By the time baby boy the sequel was due I had adjusted and come to terms with having another boy. More than that, I was excited. I was excited for my two boys to have each other. To have that close brother relationship. A relationship that can’t occur when the siblings are different genders.

My baby is over one year old now and I can honestly say, without any hesitation, that I LOVE being a mom of boys. My boys are fun, dirty, curious, and adventurous. They are never boring and are always on the go. I also see now why God gave me boys. Because He made me to be a mom of boys. I am a tom-boy. I can relate better with boys than girls. I am a little rough around the edges and not super sympathetic, which works out better when raising boys than girls. I too am always on the go and prefer to be outside playing than inside playing dolls.

(On a side note, it also makes sense why hubby is a father of boys. I mean look at him below. He is a big burly guy from Canada for crying out loud. God doesn’t build them any manlier than He does in Canada.)

Oh and in case you can’t see it in the pictures (or you don’t know my baby man personally), he is a red-head! God gave me my red-headed child that does looks like me, well except for the penis.

So I am a mother of boys and it makes perfect sense.

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Beautiful article. There are times in all of our lives that we don’t get what we want, and we ask ourselves – why not. And I think you hit the nail right on the head – we did get what we wanted – we just didn’t know at the time what was best for us but thank goodness God does. Your boys are beautiful or should I say handsome (how about both).

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