This and That

The Past Ten Days

Posted on: July 29, 2011

In the past ten days the following things have not been done:

The toys have not been picked up:

The trash has not been taken out:

(And a strange odor has started coming from its’ general direction but I am too afraid to investigate.)

The laundry has not been put away:

(And instead of putting it away this morning, I recruited my 3-year-old to help me sift  through it to find his brother a clean shirt.)

I haven’t straighten my crazy, frizzy hair.

I have not paid rent. Oh wait, that is really bad. OK I am going to do that today.

Now, why have these things not been done you may be asking?

Because I have started writing. I have started writing this blog and started writing for I have started writing and I love it! It’s all I want to do.

( Please note that I am normally kind of a freak about keeping a clean house. Well not kind of, I am a freak. About cleaning I mean. Though I suppose an argument could be made that I am just a freak in general. But that is another post. Moving on.)

Since I left work to stay at home and have babies, I have been in full-blown mom mode.  Which I have loved, has been great, and is still great. But  I have stumbled across something that I really love and want to spend time doing and thinking about more than my son’s dirty diapers. I know it’s shocking.

Even if no one reads this blog and even if no one thinks I am a very good writer, I still love it. I am still going to write because it has given me a voice that I kinda lost when I left work.

But in my defense, I am still making three meals a day, changing diapers, playing dress up pirate games, and wiping noses.  And luckily the best thing about having boys is that they don’t care what clothes they are wearing. Even if it’s the same ones three days in a row!


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