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Debt Ceiling – Part 1

Posted on: July 26, 2011

Seriously….seriously…..I can’t believe this can not get resolved. That a compromise can not be found. Really? Are our politicians so one sided that they can’t see the other party’s point of view? And are they all so prideful that they can’t find some middle ground? Sure, not all of the Republican wants will be met but not all of the Democrats wishes will be fulfilled either. That’s called a compromise people. Letting some things go in order to do what needs to be done – -like avoid an economic crisis like defaulting on our loans!

Another alarming fact about this whole debate is that raising the debt ceiling has never been a huge problem for either side in years, decades. Every year the debt ceiling is raised and most people are none the wiser. Sure there is grumbling here and there, usually from the Republican side, but it’s never been made out into this huge issue. Why has it become such a big deal this time you may ask? Well for starters it’s a big election season and I think everyone on capital hill is more interested in sticking to their ideological agendas and platforms than actually helping our country and the American people. Also, there has been an alarming trend over the last 8+ years of none bi-partisan cooperation. My three year old son knows how to share and compromise better than our politicians.

I freely admit that I am not a politically driven person. Most days I feel like a Republican with Democrat sympathies and other days I am a Democrat with an underlining Republican wishes. But I think that this loose description would apply to a lot of Americans – dare I say the majority of us?? We can understand both sides in a lot of issues…not every issue but many. So why does that not work for our politicians? If someone can please tell me their thoughts or opinions on this I would greatly appreciate it. Let’s hear what you think. Correct me if you think I am wrong. Let’s see if we can find a compromise.

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