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“Your son is very active”

Posted on: July 22, 2011

I recently received this comment from my son’s soon-to-be preschool teacher. Well, not just his preschool teacher but from a few of the volunteers as well. He was at his new preschool for their summer school program.

“Your son is very active.”

This statement was not given as an answer to a question from me like ” Oh excuse me, but do you think my son is active or not active?” Nope, this statement was given to me either without solicitation or in response to the general question of  ” how did he do today?”

“Your son is very active.”

So….what does that mean? Does it mean “he did great today because he played all day and did all the activities we asked him to”? Does it mean “your son is so full of life and happiness”?

Nope, I don’t think that this is what was being implied. The tone was not a positive one. It sounded negative and tired…it sounded very tired.

“Your son is very active.”

Here’s what I think it means…I think it means that my son is full of natural energy and you can’t keep up with him. I think it means he is enthusiastic and full of passion and you have been at this job too long and no longer appreciate when a child has spunk. I think it means  you wish my son was a wallflower that just sat quietly and didn’t make sound. I think it means you are trying to classify my son as being hyperactive, having ADD or ADHD when you have only know him for a week!

Have we forgotten that our son’s male ancestors were hunters. Men born to take on danger, find adventure, and to discovery new worlds. God made them to love outdoors, to be full of curiosity, and to be very active.

My son IS very active. But I see that as a good thing. That is how God made him – like his ancestors. He has a lot of energy, he is very social and outgoing, and he isn’t afraid to express his emotions. He is wonderful, loving, and passionate.

Now, I do think I am going to be keeping a very close eye on you Ms. Preschool Teacher and your helpers and how you treat my son. And maybe my comment to you will be:

“You and your school just aren’t active enough for my son.”


3 Responses to "“Your son is very active”"

Amen! Wonderful post! I would like to show it to some of the teachers I know. My son is “active” as well and I have concerns when he starts kindergarten that the teachers will label him.

Thx Taren! I feel like teachers want them to fit into this perfect little box and if they veer outside then they will get labeled. And we mamas have to stand up for our little guys! Thanks for reading and commenting!

Well said – more people (mom’s & dad’s) need to step up / speak up for their active children. Active children are so much fun and they see the possibilities in routine situations. Active children motive others (children & adults) by their energy. Yea you mom’s & dad’s who won’t let the establishment label you kids.

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