This and That


Posted on: July 21, 2011

Somewhere in the last seven years of my married life I have become domestic. I feel like a completely different person most days. Before I was married I was a certified tom boy who could only make mac n’ cheese and a PB & J sandwich.  The first few years of our marriage, my hubby did all the cooking, God bless him! Now I  am much more girly and love cooking. I try new recipes all the time and they turn out good! It’s amazing. My favorite recipes come from The Pioneer Woman (, Cook This Not That (from the writers of Eat This Not That), and I recently just cooked a whole chicken and it turned out great! Seven years ago I would not have touched raw meat let alone shove my hand inside a chicken to pull out the guts! And then shove onions, lemons, and garlic back into that chicken…ugg…grosses me out just thinking about it… but I did it!

I also have a garden. I have tomatoes, strawberries (well one strawberry), and a huge cucumber plant. Oh and I have even pickled my cucumbers and again they turned out great! Hello?!? Who am I??? I have homemade pickles in my refrigerator..look below for proof. CRAZY!

I am seriously not bragging. I am just so shocked about how much I have changed. How did this happen? I am the only person without a penis in my house so maybe that has intensified my domestic, feminine qualities. Or did my marriage vows alter my hormones? Did having children enhance my domestic genes? Am I a step-ford wife? Or has an alien taken control of my body?

Anyone else experienced this vast change after marriage or children or just as they have gotten older? Or am I just a freak??


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